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Current print edition is 2014 Fifth Edition, ISBN 978-1-60248-148-0

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This title is no longer available for purchase online. Coming in early 2019, NCLC will introduce two new titles to the library: Home Foreclosures, and Mortgage Servicing and Loan Modifications. To pre-order these titles please contact Publications at 617-542-9595 or Pre-order both titles for 20% off.

Dramatic New CFPB Servicing Rules Now in Effect

New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rules are game-changers for both homeowners and the mortgage servicing industry:

  • New qualified written request procedures and servicer’s duty to provide information and correct errors
  • Consumer rights re force-placed insurance
  • Consumer protections regarding transfer of servicers
  • Required servicer loss mitigation procedures
  • Servicer’s duty to apply payments promptly and provide new disclosures on monthly statements

Even More Requirements for Mortgage Servicers

  • How servicers must deal with escrow accounts
  • Implications of the National Mortgage Settlement
  • State law requirements for servicers
  • RESPA, TILA, FDCPA, FCRA, and other state law claims against servicers


  • Full Explanation of All Loan Modification Programs
  • How to Challenge a Judicial or Non-Judicial Foreclosure
  • Steps to Take After a Foreclosure
  • Advice on Stopping Specialized Types of Foreclosures

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"This is the best book out there for in-depth legal research on the subject of foreclosure. ... The best discussion anywhere on how to challenge mortgage servicer abuses." — Stephen Elias, Esq, Author, The Foreclosure Survival Guide (Nolo Press)