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Arbitration Litigation Cheat Sheet

Much consumer litigation today must deal with arbitration requirements. This arbitration litigation cheat sheet provides a quick listing of consumer options when faced with an arbitration demand—including both options to challenge the enforceability of the arbitration requirement as well as how to proceed in arbitration if that is the only remaining or even preferred option.

5,000 Practice Aids Free on the NCLC Digital Library

The NCLC Digital Library contains a lot more than just subscription content. The Library makes free to the public over 5,000 practice aids plus, for members of the consumer law community, another 2,300 videos and speaker written submissions from past NCLC/NACA conferences. All this material can be downloaded and is fully searchable. This article provides ten tips to make the most from these free resources—how to locate and best utilize the practice aids.

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Read more recent developments and archived articles from the National Consumer Law Center.

Special Mortgage Topics


stack of books in the NCLC Consumer Law Practice Series that pertain to housing: Home Foreclosures, Mortgage Servicing and Loan Modifications, and Mortgage Lending

Tangled title issues and zombie second mortgages are among the biggest housing issues facing consumers today. NCLC has compiled resources for advocates navigating both of these subjects. Resources include free NCLC articles, written submissions from past NCLC conferences free to the consumer law community, links to relevant NCLC treatise material, pleadings and discovery, and more. Most of the resources are free to the public or free to the consumer law community. View NCLC's aggregated lists of resources on the NCLC Digital Library



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open NCLC treatise on a desk, surrounded by office supplies

Policy and analysis, statutes and regulations, sample pleadings, court decisions, and more - all publicly accessible on the NCLC Digital Library.