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The NCLC Digital Library currently hosts over 6,000 pages of free treatise content and 3,700 items of free companion material!

View NCLC Digital Library materials that are currently available to the public, including material from the treatises in NCLC's Consumer Law Practice Series, federal law statutes, regulations, and staff interpretations, hard-to-find lower court decisions, training materials, and more. To search publicly available treatise chapters and appendices, click here.

Surviving Debt | Practice Checklists | Student Loan Toolkit
Statutes, Regulations & Official Interpretations | Policy & Analysis Highlights 
Training Materials | Surviving Debt Resources | Sample Pleadings 
Federal Appellate Opinions & Hard-to-Find Lower Court Decisions

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Surviving Debt

Surviving Debt is NCLC's best-selling consumer guide for navigating crushing debt affecting millions of Americans. A leading resource for nearly 30 years and recently named "the best all around guide to navigating debt" by Business Insider, Surviving Debt is available electronically for free on the NCLC Digital Library and for just $20 in print. Print copies of Surviving Debt are available for purchase here. Bulk discounts are available.

Click here to view additional resources associated with Surviving Debt: charts for keeping track, helpful links, and sample letters.

Practice Checklists

NCLC's Consumer Practice Series offers a wide variety helpful checklists to guide advocates through issues. Checklists are comprised of free treatise subsections, and do not require a subscription.


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Student Loan Toolkit


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The Student Loan Toolkit (May 2024) (52 pp.) is an essential aid in advising student loan borrowers nationwide. Borrowers themselves can also profit from using the toolkit. Download copies and feel free to disseminate widely. As the toolkit is updated over time, return periodically to download the most recent version.


cover of NCLEJ's Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys

Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys

The National Center for Law and Economic Justice’s Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys guides legal aid and public interest lawyers through all stages of federal litigation. Previously coordinated by the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, this Revised 2024 Edition provides the most comprehensive expertise for practitioners litigating on behalf of low-income and disadvantaged clients against government defendants. Simply add the book to your library by "purchasing" it for free on the bookstore.


NCLC Model State Laws

View 18 model state consumer laws drafted by the experts at NCLC.


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U.S. Supreme Court building

Statutes, Regulations & Official Interpretations

Free access to federal consumer law statutes, regulations, and official staff interpretations. Plus special tools to facilitate use are available after setting up a free account: the ability to annotate, bookmark, and email content and arrange bookmarks into collections.


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Policy & Analysis Highlights

View NCLC's free materials on policy and legal analysis, including parts of NCLC's treatises made free to the public.


Training Materials

Webinars, handouts, and more educational resources from NCLC on a variety of consumer law topics.

Note: All conference materials are available to verified consumer law community members. Learn more here.


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Federal Appellate Opinions & Hard-to-Find Lower Court Decisions

NCLC's Digital Library provides access to over 2000 significant and searchable federal appellate decisions on consumer law topics. We also provide over 500 hard-to-find lower court consumer law decisions of note, only available on the NCLC Digital Library.

Sample Pleadings

A number of free examples from among the thousands of sample pleadings available on the NCLC Digital Library


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Subscribe to the Consumer Law Practice Series for unlimited access to NCLC's practice manuals. A subscription to the bundled Complete Set includes access to 21 continuously updated titles with comprehensive coverage of consumer law precedent and laws in all 50 states, sample pleadings, checklists, practice tools, and companion materials, and more.

Trending Topics

NCLC has compiled resources for advocates navigating trending consumer law topics. Resources include free NCLC articles, links to relevant NCLC treatise material, pleadings and discovery, written submissions from past NCLC conferences, some of which is free to the consumer law community and some is restricted to vetted practitioners, and more.

Did you know?

Thousands of materials from NCLC / NACA conference are available for free on the NCLC Digital Library, and users do not need to have a subscription to access them. These materials are available to any verified member of the consumer law community: legal aid and nonprofit attorneys, NACA members, and attendees of any recent NCLC / NACA conference. Qualified users should log in to authenticate, or create an account to access the material. For assistance, contact [email protected]. 

Special offer for legal aid

Part of NCLC's mission to advance economic justice for low-income consumers includes supporting the legal aid community. All legal aid organizations receive half off of any NCLC subscription, including the bundled Complete Set. Discounts apply to both new and renewal orders as well as print and digital subscriptions. Contact [email protected] to learn more and subscribe at your special rate.