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Five Reasons to Subscribe to the Complete Set

  1. Save $1200 each year over the subscription prices for the 20 treatises.
  2. Consumer law cases often involve a variety of complex issues—credit, collections, credit reporting, repossessions or foreclosures, payments, deception, class actions, arbitration clauses, bankruptcy, and more. Be prepared for whatever direction a case takes.
  3. Search across all 20 titles to find exactly what you need, no matter where it is discussed in the Consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series.
  4. Access over 2000 sample pleadings, covering every stage of a case and every consumer law area.
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The complete set contains the following treatises. Each digital edition is updated frequently.

Access to Utility Service, 2018 Sixth Edition
Automobile Fraud, 2015 Fifth Edition
Collection Actions, 2017 Fourth Edition
Consumer Arbitration Agreements, 2015 Seventh Edition
Consumer Banking and Payments Law, 2018 Sixth Edition
Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice, 2016 Eleventh Edition
Consumer Class Actions, 2016 Ninth Edition
Consumer Credit Regulation, 2015 Second Edition
Consumer Law Pleadings
Consumer Warranty Law, 2015 Fifth Edition
Credit Discrimination, 2018 Seventh Edition
Fair Credit Reporting, 2018 Ninth Edition
Fair Debt Collection, 2018 Ninth Edition
Federal Deception Law, 2017 Third Edition
Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing, 2014 Fifth Edition
Mortgage Lending, 2014 Second Edition
Repossessions, 2017 Ninth Edition
Student Loan Law, 2015 Fifth Edition
Truth in Lending, 2015 Ninth Edition
Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices, 2016 Ninth Edition