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Consumer Credit Regulation

Consumer Credit Regulation

Credit Cards, Payday Loans, Auto Finance, and Other Non-Mortgage Credit


Innovative Thinking and Precise Authority on Predatory Lending and Other Consumer Credit

  • The latest on rent-a-bank attempts to evade state usury laws
  • The current status of the CFPB payday loan rule and state challenges to payday and auto title loans
  • Federal and state regulation of credit cards
  • New forms of predatory lending, including installment loans and bogus rent-to-own transactions
  • Auto and manufactured home finance, retail instalment sales, and credit insurance
  • New standards limiting federal preemption of state and choice of state laws
  • Abusive tax time loans, structured settlements and cash for future income
  • Unique chapters cover the basics: what is interest, credit math, and a survey of federal and state credit statutes and consumer claims
  • Detailed explanation of litigation issues involved in litigating usury and predatory lending cases
  • Appendices reprint key federal statutes and rules and provide state-by-state summaries of state credit statutes
  • Sample pleadings and discovery. See an example here.



"This series written by nationally recognized experts in consumer law combines perceptive analysis with a comprehensive collection of case references, statutory laws, regulations and practice hints. These volumes should become a standard reference set for attorneys advising and litigating in consumer and credit areas." — ABA Journal

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2020 3rd ed.

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