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Fannie and Freddie Foreclosures Must Meet Constitutional Due Process Standards

As explained in this article, an August federal court decision finds that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are state actors, meaning their foreclosures must meet constitutional due process standards. This ruling thus has the potential to reshape most foreclosures in the majority of states that allow nonjudicial foreclosures.

The Latest on Metro 2: A Key Determinant As to What Goes Into Consumer Reports

Billions of pieces of information that creditors, debt collectors, and other “furnishers” of information send to credit reporting agencies are in a standard format called Metro 2. This article links to updated and expanded information on creditors’ liability when they report consumer data in a non-conforming manner that leads to inaccurate consumer reports.

NCLC Releases 6th Edition of Automobile Fraud in Print and Digital Formats

Automobile Fraud (6th ed. Oct. 2018) (582 pp.) is available in print and digital formats, with the latest developments on investigating automobile fraud, title transfers, odometer fraud, undisclosed sale of wrecked and flood vehicles, lemon laundering, yo-yo sales, punitive damages, and more. Subscribers can access the digital edition now, and print subscribers receive their books in late October. The first chapter is available to all, free of charge.

Groundbreaking New Ninth Circuit TCPA Decision on Autodialers

The definition of an autodialer is key to providing effective TCPA remedies and to stopping the onslaught of unwanted calls to Americans’ cellphones. This article examines a new groundbreaking Ninth Circuit decision and other very recent case law defining auto dialer.

Deciding Whether to File for Bankruptcy: Consumer Debt Advice from NCLC

This article helps families in financial distress decide whether to file bankruptcy: what bankruptcy can and cannot do, the best time to file for bankruptcy, when it is the wrong choice, whether to file under chapter 7 or 13, bankruptcy’s cost, and common misconceptions about bankruptcy.

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