Starting Oct. 3, New Consumer Rights for 3 Million Servicemembers & Dependents

Effective October 3, Department of Defense rules limit interest rates to 36%, prohibit arbitration, and provide strong private remedies for all non-purchase money, closed end credit offered to the country’s 3 million servicemembers and their dependents, as described in this article.

Continually Updated Analysis and Briefs Responding to Supreme Court’s Spokeo Ruling

One of today’s hottest litigation issues is standing in federal cases seeking statutory damages, in light of this term's Supreme Court’s Spokeo decision. As explained in this continually updated article, NCLC provides ongoing Spokeo analysis, briefs, and over 40 new case citations, for subscribers and even non-subscribers.

Over 500 New FDCPA Case Summaries Added to Fair Debt Treatise

NCLC has just published online over 500 new FDCPA case summaries at Fair Debt Collection Appx. J. This appendix is one of NCLC’s most popular litigation tools—over 10,000 FDCPA case summaries broken down by over 100 categories and then often by state or by court. An essential tool for any FDCPA litigator.

New Developments Limit Arbitration of FDCPA Claims Against Debt Buyers

This article highlights two key new developments limiting arbitration of FDCPA and other claims against debt buyers and collectors: a AAA letter about Midland Funding and an important Eleventh Circuit ruling.

Recent Cases Interpret New CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rules

How to win RESPA claims under the CFPB’s new mortgage servicing rules, including avoiding the “one-bite” rule for loss mitigation applications and responding to the "exclusive address" trap for RESPA inquiries. For more new tips, see the online version of Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing ch. 3.

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