Annotate and Highlight Your NCLC Online Treatises

Subscribers can now, for their own future use, annotate text or highlight selected passages of their NCLC online treatises, and then rapidly return to those notes. This article explains these and other new NCLC online features.

The TCPA Year in Review (updated Feb. 6, 2017)

2016 was an exceptionally busy year for the Telephone Consumer Protection Act: Supreme Court decisions, FCC rulings, and extensive new case law. This article summarizes the highlights.

Defendant’s Conduct May Waive Arbitration Requirement

As detailed in this article, a defendant may waive its right to compel arbitration by refusing to pay arbitration fees, by participating in class litigation pre-certification, or by participating too long in an individual or even a related court action.

New Defenses to Student Loan Repayment Based on School Misconduct and Closures

This article describes Oct. 28 Department of Education rules providing key new rights for student loan borrowers: arbitration limits, school-related defenses to loans, and strengthened closed school and false certification discharges.

NCLC Releases Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (9th ed.)—Print and Online

NCLC has just released in print and online Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (9th ed. Dec. 2016) (1011 pp.). This article sets out what subscribers and non-subscribers should know about the new edition.

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