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Federal Deception Law

Federal Deception Law

Essential Private Remedies for Marketplace Deception

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act challenges to robocalls
  • CFPB "UDAAP" Rulemaking
  • FTC Holder Rule making creditors liable for seller's misconduct
  • The Federal and state RICO statutes
  • The Federal False Claims Act
  • FTC Telemarketing Rule and other FTC Rules
  • Sample pleadings and discovery. See an example here.

Key Federal Standards Regulate Consumer Transactions

  • The most detailed and up to date analysis of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)—today's hottest consumer litigation area offering statutory damages for robocalls and texts
  • Detailed analysis of the nine most important FTC Trade Regulation Rules affecting everything from credit to cars to door-to-door sales
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau "UDAAP" rulemaking
  • The surprising reach of the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule (not just to telemarketing), with equally surprising tough requirements on a broad array of businesses
  • Private remedies for debt settlement and other debt relief scams
  • Whistle blower recoveries under the federal False Claims Act
  • Requirements concerning plain English and non--English disclosures.



"The manuals combine first-rate scholarship with numerous useful practice tips and aids."

— Richard Gross, former Chairman, Consumer Protection Committee, National Assn. of Attorneys General

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