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Consumer Arbitration Agreements
Chapter 6, Unconscionability and Other Contract Law Defenses to Arbitration Clauses

Mortgage Lending
Chapter 1 Background
Appendix A State Mortgage Lending Statutes
Appendix B State Predatory Lending Statutes


Consumer Arbitration Agreements
Chapter 7, Arbitration Clause’s Applicability to Particular Claims or Parties

Consumer Credit Regulation
Chapter 5, Credit Math: Calculating Interest and Rebates
Chapter 12, Auto Title Loans
Appendix D, Summaries of State Closed-End Installment Loan Statutes
Appendix E, Summaries of State Open-End Credit Statutes

Federal Deception Law (New Third Edition)
Chapters 1 - 11
Appendices A - L

Mortgage Lending
Chapter 11, Litigating Claims When a Bank Fails

Student Loan Law
Chapter 13, Student Litigation; Oversight of For-Profit Schools


Consumer Credit Regulation
Chapter 1, Background
Chapter 3, Federal Preemption and the Applicable State Statute
Chapter 4, Interest, Points, Fees, and Delinquency Charges
Chapter 9, Payday Loans
Chapter 13, Rent-to-Own
Chapter 14, “Sale” of Future Payment Streams

Credit Disrimination
Chapter 7, Redlining

Consumer Warranty Law
Chapter 6, Avoiding Vertical and Horizontal Privity Requirements
Chapter 7, Establishing Breach of Warranty: Notice, Standards, Proof, and Defenses
Chapter 8, UCC Self-Help Remedies: Cancellation of the Sale; Deducting Damages from the Outstanding Balance
Chapter 9, Ten Ways to Avoid Contractual Limitations on Remedies
Chapter 10, UCC Damages
Chapter 11, Deception, Unfairness, Unconscionability, Lack of Good Faith, and Fraud
Chapter 12, Negligence and Strict Liability in Tort
Chapter 13, Litigating Warranty Cases
Chapter 14, New Vehicles and Motor Homes: Lemon Laws, Other Remedies
Chapter 15, Used Cars
Chapter 16, Wheelchairs and Other Assistive Devices
Chapter 17, Manufactured Home Sales
Chapter 18, New Home Sales
Chapter 19, Automobile Repair, Home Improvements, and Other Services
Chapter 20, Service Contracts, Extended Warranties, and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
Chapter 21, Leases
Appendix A, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
Appendix B, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Rules and Interpretations
Appendix C, National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act
Appendix D, FTC Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule
Appendix E, Uniform Commercial Code Warranty Provisions
Appendix F, State-by-State Analysis of New Car Lemon Laws
Appendix G, State-by-State Analysis of Service Contract Laws and Regulations
Appendix H, State-by-State Analysis of New Home and Condominium Warranty Laws
Appendix I, Sample Notices of Rejection, Revocation, or Deduction of Damages
Appendix J, Sample Pleadings
Appendix K, Useful Warranty Law Websites


Consumer Arbitration Agreements
Chapter 8, Waiver of the Right to Compel Arbitration
Chapter 9, Arbitration of Claims on a Classwide Basis

Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice
Chapter 15, The Discharge: Protecting It and Using It
Chapter 16, Attorney Fees for Debtor’s Counsel and Attorney Duties in Consumer Bankruptcy Cases

Credit Disrimination
Chapter 5, Discrimination in Pre-Application and Application Procedures
Chapter 9, Discrimination Subsequent to the Granting of Credit
Chapter 12, Government Enforcement
Appendix J, Bibliography of Social Science Research on Credit Discrimination Issues

Consumer Warranty Law
Chapter 1, Introductory Materials
Chapter 2, The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
Chapter 3, Express Warranties
Chapter 4, Implied Warranties
Chapter 5, Fourteen Ways to Defeat Warranty Disclaimers

Foreclosures & Mortgage Servicing
Chapter 1, Introduction
Chapter 5, Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation Options for Privately Held Mortgages
Chapter 12, Issues Arising After a Foreclosure Sale

Mortgage Lending
Appendix C, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Acts

Chapter 1, Introduction
Chapter 2, Scope and Sources of Law
Chapter 3, Enforceable Security Interests
Chapter 4, Default As Precondition to Seizure
Chapter 5, Replevin
Chapter 6, Self-Help Repossession
Chapter 7, Unsecured Personal Property Taken During Repossession
Chapter 8, Using Bankruptcy to Prevent Repossessions
Chapter 9, Disposition of Repossessed Collateral Other Than by Creditor’s Sale: Reinstatement, Redemption, Strict Foreclosure, Sheriff’s Sale, and Consumer’s Sale
Chapter 10, Creditor’s Sale of the Collateral
Chapter 11, Determining the Deficiency or Surplus
Chapter 12, Defending a Deficiency Action
Chapter 13, Affirmative Consumer Remedies in Repossession Cases
Chapter 14, Consumer Leases
Chapter 15, Liens
Appendix A, Selected Uniform Commercial Code Provisions
Appendix B, Summary of State Repossession Laws
Appendix C, Federal Statutes and Regulations Relevant to Repossession
Appendix D, Sample Answers and Complaints
Appendix E, Sample Repossession Discovery and Request for Admissions

Student Loan Law
Chapter 5, Pre-Default Servicing of Federal Student Loans
Chapter 8, Federal Student Loan Collection: The Federal Collection System, Private Collection Agencies, and Defenses to Collection Actions
Appendix A, Federal Student Loan Statutes
Appendix B, Federal Regulations

Truth in Lending
Chapter 2, Scope
Chapter 7, Substantive Protections for Credit Cards and Other Open-End Credit
Chapter 8, Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) and Reverse Mortgages
Chapter 11, Consumer Remedies
Appendix B Regulation Z
Appendix C Official Interpretations of Regulation Z


Credit Disrimination
Chapter 2, Scope
Chapter 3, Prohibited Bases for Discrimination
Chapter 4, Proving Credit Discrimination
Chapter 10, ECOA Procedural Requirements

Fair Credit Reporting
Chapter 3, Access to and Examination of the Consumer’s File

Fair Debt Collection
Appendix D, Summary of State Debt Collection Statutes

Foreclosures & Mortgage Servicing
Chapter 1, Introduction
Chapter 9, Defending Foreclosures by Challenging Unfair Lending Practices
Appendix I, Summary of State Condominium Laws

Mortgage Lending
Appendix H, Other Substantive Mortgage Restrictions
Appendix K, Loans Insured by Federal Agencies


Consumer Arbitration Agreements
Chapter 4, Federal Limits on the Enforceability of Arbitration Requirements
Chapter 8, Waiver of the Right to Compel Arbitration

Consumer Banking and Payments Law
Chapter 9, Federal Government Direct Deposits to Consumer Accounts

Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice
Chapter 10, Banker’s Setoff and Security Interests in Bank Accounts
Chapter 11, Dealing with Secured Creditors
Chapter 12, Issues Arising in Chapter 13 Cases
Chapter 13, Dismissal or Conversion of a Bankruptcy Case
Chapter 18, Consumers As Creditors in Bankruptcy: Selected Topics

Consumer Credit Regulation
Chapter 10, Installment Loans

Fair Credit Reporting
Chapter 15, Credit Repair Legislation

Federal Deception Law
Chapter 6, Unwanted Calls and Texts, Junk Faxes, and Spam

Foreclosures & Mortgage Servicing
Chapter 2, Mortgage Servicing Abuses
Chapter 5, Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation Options for Privately Held Mortgages
Chapter 10, Litigating Mortgage Defenses and Claims
Chapter 18, Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Student Loan Updates
Chapter 2, Mortgage Servicing Abuses
Chapter 4, Postponing Repayment on Federal Student Loans
Chapter 6, Implications of Student Loan Defaults
Chapter 9, Property and Asset Seizures to Collect Federal Student Loans
Chapter 12, Private Student Loans

Truth in Lending
Chapter 5, Specific Closed-End Disclosures
Chapter 6, Disclosures for Credit Cards and Other Non-Home-Secured Open-End Credit
Chapter 10, Truth in Lending Rescission Rights
Chapter 12, Creditor Defenses and Counterclaims


Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice
Chapter 1, About This Treatise
Chapter 2, What Is Bankruptcy? Some General Concepts
Chapter 3, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Straight Bankruptcy): The Basic Steps
Chapter 4, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: The Basic Steps
Chapter 5, Getting All the Necessary Facts
Chapter 6, Counseling the Consumer Debtor: Does Bankruptcy Provide the Best Solution and, If So, How and When?
Chapter 7, Preparing and Filing the Papers
Chapter 8, After the Papers Are Filed
Chapter 9, Automatic Stays and Turnover of Property
Chapter 10, Exemptions

Consumer Warranty Law
Chapter 15, Used Cars

Foreclosures & Mortgage Servicing
Chapter 4, Legal Challenges to Mortgage Servicing Abuses
Chapter 13, Manufactured Home Foreclosures and Repossessions
Chapter 15, Condominium and Homeowner Association Liens and Foreclosures

Student Loan Law
Chapter 2, Taking Out a Federal Student Loan: Basic Terms and Conditions

Truth in Lending
Chapter 7, Substantive Protections for Credit Cards and Other Open-End Credit
Chapter 13, Consumer Leasing Act


Access to Utility Service
Appendix A, State Regulation of Utilities

Consumer Banking and Payments Law
Chapter 5, Electronic Fund Transfers
Chapter 8, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
Appendix A, Uniform Commercial Code Provisions on Consumer Checking

Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice
Appendix B, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
Appendix C, Bankruptcy Policies, Regulations, Fees, and Agency Notices
Appendix D, Official Bankruptcy Forms with Annotated Samples

Consumer Warranty Law
Appendix D, FTC Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule

Collection Actions
Chapter 3, Dismissal Before Reaching the Merits

Consumer Arbitration Agreements
Chapter 4, Federal Limits on the Enforceability of Arbitration Requirements

Federal Deception law
Chapter 4, The FTC Holder Rule and State Law Counterparts
Chapter 9, The Federal False Claims Act
Appendix A, FTC Trade Regulation Rules

Foreclosures & Mortgage Servicing
Chapter 6, Loss Mitigation and Foreclosure of Mortgages Held or Insured by the Federal Government
Chapter 7, Authority to Foreclose
Chapter 8, Legal Defenses to Home Foreclosures
Chapter 11, Using Bankruptcy to Prevent Foreclosure
Chapter 14, Forfeiture of Land Installment Sales Contracts
Chapter 16, Preventing Foreclosure of Reverse Mortgages
Chapter 17, Tax Liens and Tax Foreclosures

Mortgage Lending
Chapter 3, Federal Laws Relevant to Abusive Mortgage Lending
Chapter 7, Mortgage Brokers and Other Third Parties: Charges and Abuses
Chapter 11, Litigating Claims When a Bank Fails

Truth in Lending
Chapter 1, Overview
Chapter 2, Scope
Chapter 3, Finance Charge
Chapter 4, General Rules for Closed-End Credit Disclosures
Chapter 9, Substantive Mortgage Regulation

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Consumer Arbitration Agreements (7th ed. March 2015)
Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice (11th ed. May, 2016) (2 volumes)
Consumer Class Actions (9th ed. October 2016)
Consumer Credit Regulation (2nd ed. Nov. 2015)
Consumer Warranty Law (5th ed. Nov. 2015)
Federal Deception Law (3rd ed. May. 2017)
Reposessions (9th ed. March. 2017)
Student Loan Law (5th ed. March 2015)
Truth in Lending (9th ed. March 2015) (2 volumes)
Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices(9th ed. November 2016)

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