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Elizabeth Renuart


Image of Elizabeth Renuart

Elizabeth Renuart is currently Of Counsel to the National Consumer Law Center. From 2009-2014, she was an associate professor of law at Albany Law School where she taught commercial and consumer law. Prior to joining the faculty at Albany Law School in 2009, Elizabeth served as an attorney with the NCLC for thirteen years in its Washington, D.C. and Boston offices with a focus on consumer credit issues, truth in lending, banking law, sustainable homeownership issues, and foreclosures. She co-authored several editions of two of NCLC's treatises, Truth In Lending and Consumer Credit Regulation, and two other books, Stop Predatory Lending: A Guide for Advocates (1st and 2d eds.) and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling: Preserving the American Dream (1st and 2d eds.) She authored and co-authored several law journal articles related to these topics while at NCLC and in her role as a professor. Elizabeth is an adviser to the American Law Institute's project on Restatement Third, The Law of Consumer Contracts, and was a member of the Consumer Advisory Council to the Federal Reserve Board from 2001-2003. Prior to joining NCLC, Elizabeth practiced with legal services in Georgia and Maryland from 1977-1996.