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TILA Is Not Just a Disclosure Statute Anymore!

The definitive Truth in Lending treatise from the nation’s TILA experts, updated to include all the Dodd-Frank and other recent changes, all of which are now in effect. The treatise cites to both the CFPB and FRB versions of Regulation Z and includes analysis and a redlined version showing all Regulation Z and Official Interpretation changes.

  • New Dodd-Frank legislation and Regulation Z changes ban numerous mortgage abuses
  • New CFPB rules restrict kickbacks to mortgage originators
  • Extensive new rules on mortgage servicing
  • Special rules regulating higher cost mortgage loans
  • Regulation Z now prohibits mandatory arbitration of mortgage disputes
  • The Credit CARD Act and new federal Rules establish new restrictions on credit card abuses
  • New teeth to regulation of HOEPA loans
  • Statutory damages are now increased to $2000 for car loans, $4000 and up for mortgage loans, and $5000 and up for credit cards
  • Liability of servicers and holders
  • Extensive new disclosure requirements for credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages and other credit
  • The leading discussion of TIL rescission rights that allow homeowners to cancel mortgages.

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