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Loan Origination, Preemption, and Litigation

Keep Current on Dramatic Changes Concerning Mortgage Lending and Federal Preemption.

Many New Requirements effective January, 2014.

  • New underwriting standards and the ability-to-repay requirement
  • New restrictions on loan steering
  • Limits on flipping and new requirements on appraisers
  • Restrictions on mortgage broker practices and compensation
  • Third party charges, including title insurance, private mortgage insurance, and attorney fees
  • Application of federal and state laws to interest rates, balloon payments, prepayment penalties, negative amortization, and other loan terms
  • Extent of federal preemption of state laws and new standards for National Bank Act preemption

Highly Practical; Invaluable Litigation Tips

  • Gathering the key documents and how to analyze them
  • Survey of all applicable federal and state laws
  • Third party liability and ten limits on the holder-in-due-course defense
  • Restrictions on arbitration in mortgage litigation
  • Special litigation requirements where suing failed banks

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"The NCLC treatises are like having an expert by your side." — Scott D. Owens, Esq., Law Offices of Scott D. Owens, Hallandale, FL

"The NCLC manuals really are a godsend to so, so many of us out here. Rarely, if ever, have I had a consumer law question that was not addressed in the manuals." — Kirsten Keefe, Senior Staff Attorney, Empire Justice Center, Albany, NY

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