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Our Five Favorite New Features on NCLC’s Revamped and Enhanced Digital Library

NCLC has just launched a new version of its acclaimed NCLC Digital Library allowing subscribers to search, navigate, and read the full text of 21 consumer law treatises and over 10,000 other documents. The new website is packed with new content and new features.  Here are our five favorites:

1. A Faster, Easier Reading Experience

No more waiting for the next page to load.  Quickly scroll through a chapter—the next or previous pages are instantly viewable with zero waiting. 

No more bouncing back and forth to view a sentence and its referenced footnote at the bottom of the page.  Click the “footnotes button” on the right toolbar to display side-by-side both the footnotes and their corresponding text. 

No more clunky navigation to get to appendices, pleadings, primary sources, and practice tools.  Now appendices and companion material are each instantly and easily accessible through new tabs at the top of the table of contents.

2. View Extra Content Related to the Page You Are Reading

Click on the “related content button” on the right tool bar from any page you are reading to uncover a listing of extra content specifically related to the page you are on, viewable side-by-side with the text page.  Each item of related content displays its title, a brief description, and a link to its full text.

Examples of related content include subsections and appendices from the same and other NCLC treatises, as well as primary sources, pleadings, practice tools, and articles related to the page you are viewing.  You will be surprised how much related content is currently available, and we are adding new related content all the time.

3. New Advanced Search Techniques

Start your search either with keywords or a wide array of powerful filters.  After narrowing down with filters, you can even further narrow results with a keyword search among the filtered results.

The NCLC Digital Library now has many new filters customized for each different type of content.  Selecting primary sources content displays six unique filters designed specifically for primary sources; similarly selecting sample pleadings will display six filters designed to tailor your pleadings search. 

Now for the first time you can also search all NCLC articles on the Digital Library with keywords and/or filters.  Also search the new “alert” content—quick announcements about the very latest consumer law developments linked from the “alarm bell” at the top right corner of all pages.

Search the NCLC Digital Library’s 30,000 subsections and appendix sections and 10,000 other documents and practice aids with far more increased power.

4.  Now Available at No Charge: 1400+ Written Materials Submitted by Speakers at NCLC Conferences

Practitioners tell us some of NCLC’s most useful practice tools are the written materials and Powerpoint presentations that consumer law experts submit at NCLC’s conferences.  Attorneys from all parts of the country who bring successful, often novel claims share their practice pointers, both in their oral presentations at their session and in these written materials accompanying the session.

NCLC for the first time now offers these materials on the Digital Library at no charge—over 1400 documents, searchable by keywords and filters, and categorized by conference, year, track, and session. Hundreds more documents will be added over the coming months from submissions at NCLC’s 2022 conferences.

Important:  Because speakers submit their practice materials on the understanding that audience members are all vetted as only representing consumers, access to this new, free content is limited to “verified” registrants to the NCLC Digital Library.  NACA members, legal aid attorneys, and attendees of recent NCLC conferences are all automatically verified.  Just create a free login (if you do not already have one), and your email address will prove your credentials—your email address will be matched with our database of verified attorneys.

5. Now FREE to the Public:  Over 6000 Treatise and Appendix Subsections

Although most NCLC Digital Library content requires a subscription, over 6000 treatise and appendix subsections are now free to the public.  All 6000 are searchable with keywords and filters—including a new filter identifying content free to the public.  Or go to Free@NCLC to view the material by category.

This is an ideal way for non-subscribers not only to access useful information, but to “test the waters” with the NCLC Digital Library—viewing both content and trying out NCLC Digital Library features. 

If you already subscribe to certain treatises, Free@NCLC is a great way to access at no charge statutes, regulations, official staff interpretations, and other content related to consumer law topics outside your subscriptions. 

Some material is also made free for its importance in emergency situations—such as a special chapter on mortgage relief related to the COVID pandemic and related to hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters.

Free@NCLC does not require a login. View it just by clicking here.

But for your best experience with Free@NCLC, we recommend setting up a free login here, allowing you to:

  • Bookmark content;
  • Group bookmarks into collections by topic;
  • Annotate material;
  • Jump to recently viewed content;
  • Email content;
  • View on the site alerts to important consumer law developments;
  • Receive optional emails linking to free articles on the practice implications of the latest consumer law developments.

For demo videos, written instructions, and search tips, and contact information, visit the Support Center on the NCLC Digital Library.