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Natural Disasters


Hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters strike unexpectedly and put entire communities at risk. When natural disaster occurs, advocates need resources to defend consumers in affected areas.

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Assisting Homeowners After Disaster 

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Understanding Escrow in the Disaster Climate


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Free Treatise Content


NCLC's Consumer Law Practice Series contains expert advice on all areas of consumer law. Below, read chapters and subsections that have been made public for advocates dealing with natural disasters.


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Mortgage Servicing and Loan Modifications, Chapter 12:

Homeowner Rights During Natural Disasters and COVID-19

Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices, 4.3.11:

Taking Advantage of an Emergency Situation; Excessive Price As Unfair Practice

Free Articles


NCLC attorneys and other experienced practitioners analyze practice implications of the latest consumer law changes. All articles are free to the public. Below are articles with advice that pertains to advocating for consumers dealing with natural disasters.

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Twelve Tips for Homeowners After Natural Disasters

This article summarizes twelve tips for homeowners working to recover from a natural disaster, with links for more information to those two new Chapter 12 sections, that for a limited time are free and accessible for all readers.

Surviving Debt: Expert Advice for Getting Out of Financial Trouble


Image of the cover of Surviving Debt, 2023 edition, which has an illustration of a door opening and light pouring through

A leading resource for over 25 years, this fully updated, 2023 edition of Surviving Debt provides precise, practical, and hard-hitting advice from the nation’s consumer law experts on how to deal with crushing debt affecting millions of Americans. This consumer guide makes a great client gift. Bulk discounts are available.