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Schools' Use of Mandatory Arbitration Now Sharply Curtailed; Loan Discharge Rights Expanded

October 19, 2018
A court has ordered that long-delayed Dep’t of Ed. rules become effective October 16, 2018. This article explains how the rules now: prohibit schools from requiring mandatory arbitration or class waivers of certain student claims, even for preexisting agreements; increase the availability of closed school and false certification discharges; and improve the administrative process for students to raise school-related defenses on their loans.

The Latest on Metro 2: A Key Determinant As to What Goes Into Consumer Reports

October 17, 2018
Billions of pieces of information that creditors, debt collectors, and other “furnishers” of information send to credit reporting agencies are in a standard format called Metro 2. This article links to updated and expanded information on creditors’ liability when they report consumer data in a non-conforming manner that leads to inaccurate consumer reports.

The Latest TCPA Decisions on Robocalls

August 14, 2018
Significant decisions on the TCPA—allowing $500 damages ($1500 if willful or knowing) for each unwanted robocall or robotext—pour in almost daily. This article summarizes the very latest developments on the definition of “autodialer” (the key TCPA issue today), the limited impact of arbitration requirements, revocation of consumer consent, and more.