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NCLC Digital Library

Beloved Federal Practice Manual Now Free on NCLC Digital Library

An advance FREE version of the much-beloved federal practice manual geared for legal aid and public interest attorneys is now available on the NCLC Digital Library. NCLEJ with contributions from 29 federal court litigators has just updated and revised the Shriver Center’s classic version. This article explains the manual’s free access and describes its content and digital tools.

5,000 Practice Aids Free on the NCLC Digital Library

The NCLC Digital Library contains a lot more than just subscription content. The Library makes free to the public over 5,000 practice aids plus, for members of the consumer law community, another 2,300 videos and speaker written submissions from past NCLC/NACA conferences. All this material can be downloaded and is fully searchable. This article provides ten tips to make the most from these free resources—how to locate and best utilize the practice aids.

Our Five Favorite New Features on NCLC’s Revamped and Enhanced Digital Library

Here are our five favorite new features on the revamped NCLC Digital Library, giving you a faster, easier reading experience, letting you view extra content related to the page you are viewing, adding powerful new search options, offering at no charge over 1400 written submissions at NCLC conferences, and including free to the public 6000 chapter and appendix subsections.

New Techniques to Search & Retrieve Consumer Law Topics and Documents

NCLC just added four new features to our powerful digital search engine. This article describes the new features and provides—for both subscribers and for the general public—a quick guide to unleashing all the advantages of NCLC’s search engine to find consumer law topics, sample pleadings, and primary source material.

New NCLC Chapter on Criminal Justice Debt

The online version of NCLC’s Collection Actions treatise has added an all-new chapter 10a on representing consumers with criminal justice debt—too often overlooked, but a major problem for millions of Americans. This article describes the chapter’s highlights.

New Bankruptcy Forms Now in Effect, as of December 1, 2015

All bankruptcy forms required to institute a case have significantly changed, for cases filed starting December 1. This article provides online links to step-by-step advice from one of the nation’s experts on how to complete the new forms.

Consumer Law Changes Taking Effect in 2020

This article lists federal and state consumer law changes that already are scheduled to go into effect in 2020. The article also lists several changes that were effective in December of 2019. Of course, other consumer law changes will be enacted later this year and go into effect this year; this article lists those changes whose effective dates have already been scheduled for this year.

Consumer Law Changes Taking Effect in 2019

This article lists federal and state consumer law changes scheduled to become effective in 2019. That is, the listing includes consumer law changes enacted in 2018 or earlier, but scheduled to go into effect in 2019.

Annotate and Highlight Your NCLC Online Treatises

Subscribers can now, for their own future use, annotate text or highlight selected passages of their NCLC online treatises, and then rapidly return to those notes. This article explains these and other new NCLC online features.