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Verified members of the consumer law community have free access to written materials submitted at past NCLC conferences.(since November, 2019) when they register for a free login. Verified status requires current NACA membership, employment at a verified legal aid organization,  or attendance at a recent NCLC conference.

Those attending a specific NCLC conference have free access to the video recordings from that conference.  Video recordings are available starting in 2020.

CRLC Videos




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2021 Consumer Rights Litigation Conference Videos

Monday, December 6, 2021

A1: ABCs of FCRA [not available for on-demand viewing]
A2: Medical Debt Defense: What Consumer Attorneys Need to Know about Surprise Billing and Other Health Insurance Issues
A3: ABC’s of Auto Fraud
A4: ABC’s of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
A5: Using Violations of Mortgage Servicing Rules without Private Rights of Action as Predicates for FDCPA and UDAP Claims [not available for on-demand viewing]
A6: Advocating for Change Outside the Courtroom: how to make a difference at the state or city level
A7: ABCs of Student Loan Law
A8: Combatting Unauthorized Electronic Charges
A9: Pandemic Loss Mitigation Updates

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

B1: Implied Warranty and Mag-Moss: Under Used Yet Remarkably Useful (And No, As-Is Disclaimers Often Don’t Stop You)
B2: Arbitration Do’s and Dont’s: Succeeding in Arbitration in 2021 and Beyond
B3: Outside and Alongside the FCRA: Bringing State Law Claims Against “Not CRAs”
B4: TCPA Litigations Using FCC Actions
B5: Mortgage Discovery: Getting the Goods
B6: Using Consumer Law to Protect Tenants Part I: Rental Debt
B7: Where Attorneys Fear to Tread: FCRA, Family Identity Theft and Victims of Economic Abuse
B8: Supreme Court Litigation Review
B9: Criminal Justice Debt: Relief from Collection Based on Financial Hardship or Inability to Pay

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

C1: Credit Math for Car Cases
C2: Determining Statute of Limitations in Affirmative and Defensive Debt Collection Cases
C3: Do’s and Don’ts of Intake and Working Up the Case
C4: Untangling Title: Saving the Home When Heir Property Issues are Involved
C5: Intersectionality of Disability Law and Consumer Law
C6: Prospect Theory: How Behavioral Economics Impacts Litigation and the Ethical Implications for Lawyers
C7: Student Loan Bankruptcy
C8: Protecting Those who Protect Us: Claims for Military/Veteran Consumers
C9: Impact Litigation for Legal Services Attorneys 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

D1: Litigating against Background Screening Companies
D2: Taxes on Attorneys’ Fees
D3: RESPA Mortgage Servicing Rules: New COVID-Related Updates
D4: Utility Debt and Consumer Protections: Intro to Advocacy and Litigation Strategies
D5: Reversing Course: Protecting Older Adults from Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure
D6: TCPA Updates and New Interpretations of ATDS Definition
D7: Escrow Issues: How to Stay Sane and Figure Out What is Going On
D8: What is a Bank? Fintech, Crypto, Trust, Neo, Public and Other New Banks and Faux Banks
D9: Freedom of Information Act 

Friday, December 10, 2021

E1: Using State Unfair and Deceptive Acts to Help Consumers
E2: Student Loan Updates
E3: FDCPA Developments
E4: New Developments in Autofraud
E5: Using Consumer Law to Protect Tenants Part II: Developments in Tenant Screening
E6: Using the FHA and ECOA to Combat Housing and Credit Discrimination
E7: Earned Wage Access, Income Share Agreements and Other “Non-recourse” Finance
E8: Don’t Mess Up the Settlement Agreement
E9: FCRA Developments

Engagement Sessions, December 13-16, 2021

Engagement Session - Case Strategies from the Complaint Through Trial to Maximize Results Roundtable & Strategy Summit
Engagement Session - CFPB Listening Session - Housing
[not available]
Engagement Session - Q&A about Reg F and Your FDCPA Practice