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Website Identifies Vehicles Whose Recall Repairs Never Made

A new NHTSA website,, allows the public to look-up safety recalls by VIN (vehicle identification number). Put the VIN number in the site and it lists all safety recalls conducted over the past 15 years, identifying if a safety recall repair has not been performed on that specific vehicle.

The website information is provided by the vehicle manufacturers, and over 50 manufacturers are participating. The site includes information not only on light vehicles but also motocycles. International vehicles are not included and very recent recalls may not be posted yet either.

The site does not indicate completed recall information, and does not apply to manufacturers’ own voluntary recalls to non-safety recall campaigns.

Thanks to Ron Burdge, a consumer attorney in Dayton, Ohio, for alerting us to the website.

Powerful Consumer Right Hiding in Plain Sight

A powerful consumer right is hidden in plain sight in the TILA provision prohibiting arbitration in mortgage loans—the same provision prohibits application of any provision in a mortgage loan agreement that would limit the consumer’s right to seek court relief based on a federal claim. This provision should have wide application.

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Sixth Circuit: Debt Buyer Cannot State Prejudgment Interest Owed for Period After Debt Charged Off

Credit card issuers often waive the right to contractual interest after they charge off a debt, which means debt buyers cannot seek interest for that period either. At least one debt buyer has responded by representing that statutory prejudgment instead of contractual interest was owed. The Sixth Circuit has just found it to be a FDCPA violation to state that such prejudgment interest was owed for the period after charge-off.

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