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NCLC treatises are the “consumer law bibles." Available individually or as a set, they are now available in their entirety online—including chapters, appendices, sample pleadings, and primary sources.

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Want full access to everything? Save $1200 per year by subscribing to all 20 consumer law treatises—by far your best value if you practice in multiple areas of consumer law.

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Guide to Surviving Debt

Precise, practical, and hard-hitting advice, from the nation's consumer law experts, that is easily accessible for lawyers and non-lawyers alike, on how to deal with crushing debt—which debts to pay first, advice on credit cards and credit reporting, how to respond to debt collection, collection lawsuits, repossessions, foreclosures, and garnishments, and what you need to know about bankruptcy.

Now also available on Kindle.


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Guide to the Rights of Domestic Violence Survivors

Guide to the Rights of Domestic Violence Survivor: Practical advice on: the effect of the abuser’s credit history on the survivor; joint bank, credit card and other accounts; identity theft by the abuser; civil protection orders to obtain economic redress; crime victim compensation funds; child support collections, foreign divorce scams, tax issues, and much more.


Guide to the Rights of Utility Consumers

What consumers need to know about their electric, gas, and other utility services: shut-off protections, rights to restore terminated service, bill payment options, weatherization tips, rights to government assistance and much more.


Instant Evidence

An essential practice tool for litigation, facilitating objection by rule number, and including common objections and motions at every stage of a case, all in only 21 pages. Spiral bound to lay flat and laminated to hold up during constant use and to allow notations with a dry-erase pen.

SAVE: $25 each for 5 or more copies. Contact Us to place a bulk order.

The Practice of Consumer Law

Practice insights and pointers from scores of consumer litigators around the country gets you started and helps you develop your consumer law practice to a higher level.