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Fair Debt Collection

The leading treatise on the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the statute that dramatically alters how collection agencies, debt buyers and attorneys collect consumer debts. Now including The FDCPA Case Connector, a searchable database of 14,000 FDCPA case holdings.

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Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice

The definitive consumer bankruptcy treatise by Henry Sommer, the nation's leading consumer bankruptcy author. Includes 170 sample pleadings, new forms and rules for use in 2016, updated dollar amounts, many other practice tools.

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$150/yr - Digital Subscription

Student Loan Law

Details all the latest consumer rights--deferments, discharges, consolidations, and payment plans, as well as protections from debt collection, wage garnishment, and tax intercepts. Also covers private loans and claims against schools.

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Covering every aspect of motor vehicle, manufactured home, and household goods repossessions and deficiency claims, including important consumer protections found in little-known state laws.

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Access to Utility Service

What you need to know about utility disconnections, discount rates, assistance programs, access to service, and recent dramatic changes concerning telecommunications and Internet access.

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