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NCLC treatises are the “consumer law bibles." Available individually or as a set, they are now available in their entirety online—including chapters, appendices, sample pleadings, and primary sources.

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Want full access to everything? Save $1200 per year by subscribing to all 20 consumer law treatises—by far your best value if you practice in multiple areas of consumer law.

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Collection Actions

The only treatise to detail consumer defenses to debt buyer and creditor collection lawsuits on credit card, medical, and other consumer debts. Extensive analysis of government collections and creditor post-judgment remedies, including wage and bank account garnishment.

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Consumer Arbitration Agreements

Expert explanation of the latest promising approaches to defeat arbitration requirements and rights to proceed as a class in arbitration and to see punitive damages in arbitration.

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$120/yr - Digital Subscription

Consumer Class Actions

How to handle every aspect of a class action, even for small law offices, written by experienced consumer class action litigators. Includes scores of sample class pleadings, from discovery to notices to settlements.

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Consumer Law Pleadings

Instant access to over 2000 sample pleadings, covering every stage of litigation and every consumer law subject area, ready to paste into your word processor.

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