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Using Search

To search without a keyword, go to Advanced Search, and then select from among available facets/filters.  Certain selected facets then display additional facets to further narrow a search.  To yet further narrow a search, add a keyword on the Advanced Search page and select "Search."

One can use shortcuts to create certain complex keyword searches by entering the search terms at "Terms and Connectors" found on the Advanced Search page.

Available complex searches include: 

  • Exact phrase: “default judgment” finds pages containing the exact phrase
  • Excluding words: default -judgment finds pages containing default but not judgment.
  • Proximity search: “default judgment” ~10 finds default within 10 words of judgment.
  • One character wildcard: te?t finds test and text-- ? can be replaced by any ONE character.
  • Multi-character wildcard:  test* finds test, tests, tester, testament, etc.--  * can be replaced by any one or more characters.

By default, search results are ordered by relevance.  To order results in order of a specific treatise's chapters and sections, narrow the search to that treatise and then replace "Sort by Relevance" with "Sort by Section" and select "Search."