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Verified members of the consumer law community have free access to written materials submitted at past NCLC conferences (since November 2019) and video recordings (since 2020) when they register for a free login. Verified status requires current NACA membership, employment at a verified legal aid organization, or attendance at a recent NCLC conference.

Spring Training Written Materials



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May 2–4, 2023

Pre-Conference Sessions


Auto Practicum: Grow Your Auto Practice

Session 1: Mining for More Gold: Finding Additional Claims in Your Existing Caseload

Session 2: Adding Class to Your Caseload: Identifying Class-Worthy Cases in Your Auto Fraud Caseload

Session 3: Take or Pass: Vetting the Potential Client and the Case

Session 4: Math for Auto Fraud Attorneys

Session 5: Defending the Defenders: Representing and Protecting Servicemembers

Session 6: Win Your Case Through Written Discovery: Advanced Discovery Topics

Session 7: How to Prepare Your Case for Arbitration

Session 8: Finding and Getting That Money: Judgment, Awards, and Locating Sources of Payment


Class Action Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities for Class Actions

Session 1: Ramirez and State Courts

Session 2: Emerging Areas in Class Actions

Session 3: Arbitrations: Beat It

Session 4: Class Mediation – Using Settlement Counsel to Achieve the Best Outcome

Session 5: Ethics of Fee Petitions

Session 6: Privacy Claims and Data Breaches

Session 7: Arbitrations: Embracing It

Session 8: Class Action Damages Through Expert Testimony

Session 9: Class Trials

Session 10: Hottest, and Worst, Plaintiff Class Actions of 2022-2023


Spring Training  2023            


Business of Consumer Law: Planning for Profitability

Session 1: Where Am I Headed? Figuring Out Your Big Picture Business Goals (no written materials)

Session 2: Ethics Session: Staffing Your Firm to Achieve Your Big Picture Goals

Session 3: Trade-Offs and Challenges: Virtual vs. In-Person (no written materials)

Session 4: Intake: Picking and Finding the Right Client Avatar for Your Firm (no written materials)

Session 6: Different Types of Marketing

Session 7: Case Study of a Successful Marketing Plan and Budget

Session 8: How to Get Paid


FCRA: Building a Winning Case

Session 1: How to Obtain Evidence of the Violations in an FCRA Case

Session 2: How to Get Evidence to Prove Willfulness

Session 3: Establishing Economic and Credit Damages Caused by the FCRA Violations

Session 4: Proving Emotional Distress and Reputational Damages Caused by the FCRA Violations

Session 5: Ethics Session: How to Ethically Market Your Firm (no written materials)

Session 6: Factors to Consider in Case Valuation

Session 7: Case Study of Case Valuation

Session 8: Avoiding Bad Outcomes


FDCPA in the 21st Century

Session 1: Issue Spotting Claims in Light of Regulation F

Session 2: Issue Spotting FDCPA Claims in the Mortgage Context

Session 3: Dealing with Challenges Associated with Medical Debt

Session 4: Hear from the Defense Side: Addressing Cutting Edge Defenses

Session 6: Discovery Strategy for FDCPA Claims

Session 7: eDiscovery and How Debt Collectors Manage Their Data

Session 8: FDCPA Developments