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The digital edition of Surviving Debt is free to all during the COVID-19 emergency. Access it at

A leading resource for over 25 years, this fully updated, 2021 edition of Surviving Debt provides precise, practical, and hard-hitting advice from the nation’s consumer law experts on how to deal with crushing debt affecting millions of Americans.

Surviving Debt tells you what consumers need to know about:

  • Stopping Debt Harassment
  • Dealing with Credit Card, Medical, and Student Loan Debts
  • Which Debts to Pay First
  • Essential Information about Credit Reports
  • Vehicle Repossessions and Utility Terminations
  • Dealing Effectively with Your Mortgage Servicer, Mortgage Loan Modifications, and Saving Your Home from Foreclosure
  • Property Taxes and Tax Sales
  • Evictions and Getting Out of a Lease
  • Defending Collection Lawsuits & Dealing with Wage Garnishments and Bank Account Seizures
  • Tax Debts and Debts Related to Criminal Law
  • When and Whether to File for Bankruptcy, and much more.

New to the 2021 edition, Surviving Debt includes consumer rights arising from the COVID-19 pandemic relating to home mortgages, landlord-tenant law, utilities, and student loans.
Plus, revised chapters on reverse mortgages, public benefits, and criminal justice debt, and all-new advice on purchasing a replacement vehicle.


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"A wealth of expert legal advice on dealing with an overwhelming debt burden."
— Senator Elizabeth Warren, Founder, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

"Outstanding manual. Seldom is such useful, authoritative information available for so small a price!"
— Booklist

"A gold mine on topics like how to handle collectors, which debts to pay first, and how collection lawsuits work."
— U.S. News and World Report

"Great advice, from the nation’s experts, on how to pull yourself out of debt."
— Jane Bryant Quinn

"The best book available for consumers in financial trouble."
— Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America