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Verified members of the consumer law community have free access to written materials submitted at past NCLC conferences (since November 2019) and video recordings (since 2020) when they register for a free login. Verified status requires current NACA membership, employment at a verified legal aid organization, or attendance at a recent NCLC conference.

CRLC Written Materials



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2022 Consumer Rights Litigation Conference

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

Bankruptcy Intensive

Getting to Discharge & Bankruptcy Litigation (PowerPoint)

Bankruptcy for Beginners

Module 1—Bankruptcy Overview

Module 2—Pre-Filing Considerations

Module 3—Preparing the Bankruptcy Documents

Module 4—Getting to Discharge: Steps After the Case Is Filed

Filled-in Chapter 7 Forms

Schedules Without Annotations

Thursday, November 10th, 2022

A1: The End of LIBOR: What It Is and How It Affects Consumers

A2: Helping Consumers in Car Leases

A3: State Policy Developments and Strategy: Tenant Screening and Rental Debt

A4: Pleading for Success

A5: Drafting a Winning Motion for Attorneys' Fees

B1: Loss Mitigation 101

B2: New Predatory Products and Practices Used in Higher Education: Bootcamps, Income-Share Agreements, and Online Program Managers

B3: Litigating Identity Theft and Unauthorized Charges

B4: Intro to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)

B5: Persuasively Presenting Compensatory and Punitive Damages at Trial

C1: Overview of the RESPA Mortgage Servicing Rule

C2: The ABC's of Auto Fraud

C3: Tenant Screening Litigation: FCRA and Civil Rights Claims

C4: New Avenues to Relief through Income-Driven Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness

C5: Attacking Payment Fraud and Unauthorized Charges

D1: Preserving and Growing Black Homeownership

D2: Basics of TCPA: Viable Claims, Litigation, and Proof Issues

D3: ABCs of FCRA (2022)

D4: Developing Actual Damages in FDCPA Litigation

D5: Legal Ethics, Consumer Advocacy, & Living an Eudaimonic Life

D6: Criminal Justice Debt and Record Clearing


Friday, November 11th, 2022

E1: Bringing FCRA Cases in State Court Post-Ramirez

E2: Repossession — Helping Consumers When Their Car has Been or Is About to Be Repossessed

E3: Successful Negotiations

E4: Medical Debt (2022)

E5: Ethics and Mental Health: Your Own and Your Clients'

F1: Principal and Agent Issues in Mortgage and Other Consumer Cases

F2: What Do Student Loan Advocates Need to Know About the New Discharge and Accountability Rules

F3: Utility Debt

F4: Getting the Discovery You Need in FDCPA Litigation: Dealing with Difficulty Discovery Practices

F5: Intro to Economic Abuse (Part 1)

F6: Becoming a Better Lawyer by Applying Principles of 12 Step Recovery

G1: Options for Older Homeowners Facing Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures

G2: Defeating Callers' Claims of Consent in TCPA Cases

G3: Post-Final Cure Issues

G4: Assisting Clients with Rental Debt

G5: Standing to Sue After Ramirez

H1: Mortgage Strategy Summit: Zombie Mortgages, Successors and Tangled Title, and Loss Mitigation/Homeowners Assistance Fund

H2: Student Loan Policy Updates

H3: FCRA Developments (2022)

H4: Using Federal E-Sign and State UETA Laws to Defeat Arbitration Clauses, Show TILA and Other Disclosures Have Not Been Provided, and More

H5: Addressing Economic Abuse with Federal Consumer Protection Laws and New State Laws

I1: New Strategies to Combat Home Equity Theft

I2: The Pivot from Defeating Summary Judgment to Preparing Your Case for Trial

I3: Solar Panel and Other Home Improvement Scams and Fraud

I4: The Evolving Law on Negative Option Contracts

I5: FDCPA Developments (2022)


Saturday, November 12th, 2022

J1: Looking for Fair Lending and Disability Claims in Mortgage and Foreclosure Cases

J2: Holder Liability in Auto Sales and Finance

J3: How to Succeed in Mixed File Litigation and Avoid Common Pitfalls: From Dispute to Trial

J4: How to Be Trauma Informed Lawyers: Working with Vulnerable Clients

J5: The Intersection of Decedent’s Estates and Consumer Law – A Practical Guide to Handling A Case When A Client Dies and Advising Heirs

K1: New Developments in Mortgage Servicing

K2: New Strategies for Do-Not-Call List Violations

K3: High-Cost Loans and Fintech Lending: Old and New Abuses

K4: Using Regulation F in Your FDCPA Practice

K5: Arbitration Practice Tips and Case Law Update

L1: Monetizing a Mortgage Servicing Practice

L2: New Developments in Auto Fraud (2022)

L3: Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets: What's Happening?

L4: Fighting Secrecy in Civil Litigation

L5: Centering Race in Your Legal Services Practice: Lessons from the Field