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NCLC consumer law treatises are the most important tool in a consumer lawyer's arsenal. For over 30 years the treatises have been helping attorneys all over the country win cases involving credit reporting, debt collection, consumer credit, foreclosures, mortgage servicing, student loans, and more. Written by the nation’s Written by the nation’s consumer law experts, both the print and online versions of the treatises are easy to read, search, and navigate.


  • • Analysis—Expert, up-to-date analysis of all areas of consumer law.
  • • Access—Each treatise also grants access to scores of bonus pleadings (many in Word format), hard-to-find primary sources, and practice tools.
  • • Advanced Searches—Perhaps the most exciting tool in NCLC’s online digital library is that the full text and all the bonus pleadings and primary sources are fully searchable, Using a wide variety of filters and terms, users can quickly pinpoint what they need.
  • • Copy/Paste, Download, Print or Email Content—Find what you need, then copy/paste it into your briefs, download a complete subsection in PDF, or even email a subsection to others.
  • • Links—Links to treatise subsections, pleadings, primary sources, and external websites are live and integrated into the online text.
  • • Highlight Updates—Clicking the “highlight updates” checkbox allows you to easily view material added online since the print revision.. Flags on the online table of contents pinpoint material recently added or where there are significant law changes.
  • • Navigation—Searchable tables of contents and indexes and other navigational tools help you pinpoint what you need and then easily find related content.
  • • Bookmarks and Recently Viewed Content—Users can bookmark pages for easy access later, and the site also lists pages users have “recently viewed,” allowing you to jump right back to them.
  • • All Devices—The NCLC Digital Library is compatible with any size device and is specifically formatted to display on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.


Question: I’m a librarian whose library is interested in subscribing. Do you offer IP access?

Answer: We sure do. Please contact us directly at to discuss pricing and to get you set up.

Question: What are the advantages of purchasing extra usernames?

Answer: Extra usernames are inexpensive, and allow additional users to have their own bookmarks and other preferences, and use the site while others are logged on. They also receive emails about breaking consumer law developments and can email text from the site under their own email address. Additional features coming soon will make your own username particularly invaluable.

Question: Will a specific treatise fully equip someone with the tools/new knowledge to organize a project or a practice?

Answer: Our books have been used by countless attorneys to help start their practice, gain invaluable legal knowledge and experience, and to provide support in the courtroom. If the table of contents, index, and treatise overview aren’t enough to help you determine if a specific treatise is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Question: I’m a non-attorney who is looking for a step-by step workbook to help me with my case/situation. Will your treatises be helpful?

Answer: Our treatises are written for practicing legal professionals. If you are seeking legal guidance we highly recommend that you contact a lawyer. NACA is a great place to start your search. If you are seeking general knowledge of consumer law, we publish an excellent overview, the NCLC Guide to Surviving Debt, which is written for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.


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