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A Practical Litigation Guide

A how-to manual for handling every aspect of a class action, even for small law offices, written by experienced consumer class action litigators.

First Considerations

Case selection and class definitions

CAFA expands federal jurisdiction and removal rights

Preservation of files and preventing improper communications with class.

And What to do Next

  • Class discovery
  • The named plaintiff's deposition
  • Defendant's delaying tactics
  • The class motion, briefs, and appeals
  • Settlements and objections to settlement.

Download the Print Edition’s TOC


"The National Consumer Law Center has come to the rescue of lawyers handling consumer cases. The Series has the answers for the myriad questions that can arise. The analysis of the law contains an extensive study of state statutes and generous footnotes citing case law in every state." — Texas Bar Journal


"Comprehensively guides lawyers through the entire spectrum of class action litigation. ... Invaluable, succinct resource for new and experienced class action practitioners." —Herb Newberg, Author, Newberg on Class Actions

"Indispensable for anyone involved, on any side, of any class action of any kind." —Seth R. Lesser

"Almost every day, defense counsel asserts some reason why my class action supposedly can't proceed, and almost every time the Consumer Class Actions manual has a compilation of the authorities that rebut the argument. No one should bring consumer class actions who doesn't have this book on their shelf." —Roger L. Mandel, Stanley, Mandel, & Iola, LLP, Dallas, TX