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Expert Guidance and Incisive Analysis on All Consumer Bankruptcy Topics

The definitive consumer bankruptcy treatise, updated with the latest case law and changes to the Bankruptcy Code, Forms, Fee Schedules, Rules, and case law written by Henry Sommer, the nation’s leading consumer bankruptcy author, and edited by John Rao, a former member of the federal Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules.

  • Everything you need to know about the all-new official forms effective December 2015—the forms filled in for sample chapter 7 and 13 cases, with extensive annotations and instructions.
  • The new April 1, 2016 dollar amounts updated in the chapters and the Code.
  • Analysis and pleadings concerning the new requirements for mortgage servicers submitting proof of claims.
  • Reprints of the Bankruptcy Code, additional bankruptcy statutes, the bankruptcy rules, fee schedules, bankruptcy regulations, director’s forms, and more.
  • Automatic stay, the bankruptcy discharge, and remedies for stay and discharge violations
  • Using bankruptcy to deal with a foreclosure
  • Exemptions, lien avoidance, and secured claims
  • Hidden fees and overcharges in creditor claims
  • Attorney fees
  • Litigating consumer cases in bankruptcy
  • Non-dischargeability actions
  • Creditor reaffirmation abuses
  • Consumers as creditors of bankrupt merchants, landlords, or lenders.

All the Practice Tools You Need:

  • Client questionnaire (English and Spanish)
  • Annotated sample completed initial forms for use in 2018
  • 170 sample pleadings, in Word format
  • A date calculator to compute 24 key look-back dates
  • Forms and tips to obtain client tax records for use in 2018
  • State-by-state analysis of exemption law
  • The Code, other bankruptcy statutes
  • Bankruptcy Rules, in effect for 2018
  • Means test data
  • Client handouts.

Download the Print Edition’s TOC


"No bankruptcy practitioner, no matter how experienced, should be without this volume." — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Former Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

"Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice is a must for every counselor and practicing bankruptcy lawyer in the consumer field. I hope practitioners in my court acquaint themselves with this valuable work. — Judge Marilyn Morgan, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California

"I don't understand how anyone can practice bankruptcy law without the NCLC Consumer Bankruptcy book... it's helped more than I can say in my practice. Almost every day someone asks a question on the NACBA listserv and someone else pipes in with Where's your bankruptcy bible, the NCLC book? I recommend you get it now!" — Karen M. Oakes, Basin Bankruptcy Center, Klamath Falls, OR