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Collections, Intercepts, Deferments, Discharges, Repayment Plans, and Trade School Abuses

The Bad News Millions of Americans, delinquent on their student loans, feel the full brunt of federal collection:

  • Tax refund intercepts, wage garnishment, and seizure of Social Security benefits
  • Shocking collection fees and collector harassment
  • Limits on bankruptcy discharge and ineligibility for new loans and grants.

The Good News One volume that details all rights of student loan debtors:

  • Financial hardship and other loan deferments
  • Affordable repayment plans, income-contingent loan consolidations, and loan rehabilitation
  • Rights to stop tax intercepts, wage garnishments, and seizure of Social Security benefits.
  • Loan discharges based on school closure, fraud, failure to make owed refunds, or disability
  • Minimizing collection fees
  • Claims for proprietary school abuses and deception
  • Challenges to private student loan enforcement.

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"The most important resource available to those of us in the field and the authoritative source on student loan issues. Many Philadelphians have received student loan help because of this manual." — Sharon Dietrich, Managing Attorney, Employment and Public Benefits, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

"Student Loan Law is an essential resource for both advocates and consumers. The author, Deanne Loonin, is the nation's top expert on student loan law, and this manual gives everyone access to her expertise." — Lauren Asher, President, Institute for College Access & Success, home of the Project on Student Debt