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The most complete and up to date treatise on the new loan modification programs and rights to deal with mortgage servicers.

Homeowner Rights and Remedies Dealing with Mortgage Servicers

  • Loan servicer procedures, incentives, and abuses
  • Analyzing a servicing case
  • Using RESPA discovery and dispute rights
  • New RESPA and CFPB rules
  • TILA and other federal rights dealing with servicers
  • State law protections
  • State-by-state analysis of state mortgage servicing laws
  • Litigation with mortgage servicers and sample pleadings

Rights to Delay and Modify Mortgage Payments

  • Loss mitigation basics
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs
  • FHA loss mitigation rights
  • VA and RHS loss mitigation rights
  • Pursuing loss mitigation rights through litigation

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