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$120/yr- Print & Online Access*
$110/yr- Online Access Only

*The Print & Online Access includes a copy of the current print edition and any subsequent revised print editions as long as the subscription is active.
Current print edition is 2015 Fifth Edition, ISBN 978-1-60248-161-9

Online access provides ongoing updates since the print edition.


The Definitive Treatise

  • New car lemon laws, other new car warranty rights
  • Used car warranties and lemon laws, FTC Used Car Rule
  • Automobile repair
  • Manufactured home warranty laws
  • New house and condominium warranties
  • Home improvements
  • Service contracts and extended warranties
  • Warranty rights of consumers who lease vehicles.

Practical Litigation Advice

  • Advantages to using the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  • 14 ways to defeat warranty disclaimers
  • Avoiding contractual limitation on remedies, privity requirements
  • Revoking acceptance, withholding payment.

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“We had the NCLC’s Consumer Warranty Law manual on our desk throughout the entire five-week jury trial. It was essential not just for quick reference to essential points of law but also for specific jury charge language and evidentiary matters. One cannot practice consumer law professionally without having the full complement of the NCLC’s manuals.” —Michael D. Donovan, Donovan Searles, LLC, Philadelphia, PA

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