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Instant Evidence

2013 2nd Ed. 978-1-60248-124-4

A Quick Guide to Federal Evidence and Objections

by Timothy E. Eble

Laminated and spiral-bound

An essential practice tool for federal (and even state) court litigation, facilitating objection by rule number, and including common objections and motions at every stage of a case -- all in only 21 pages!

Instant Evidence is spiral bound to lay flat and laminated to hold up during constant use. Create different notations or highlights for each trial with any dry-erase pen.

  • A highly condensed federal rules of evidence
  • Deposition objections and misconduct
  • Pretrial motions
  • Voir dire and opening statements
  • Planning for evidentiary issues at trial
  • Evidentiary foundations
  • Evidentiary motions and rule-based objections
  • Jury issues and closings
  • Key federal rules of civil procedure

This handbook is written by two of the nation's legal experts on low-income energy and utility issues and NCLC staff attorneys, Charles Harak and Olivia Bae Wein.