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NCLC treatises are the “consumer law bibles." Available individually or as a set, they are now available in their entirety online—including chapters, appendices, sample pleadings, and primary sources.

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Want full access to everything? Save $1200 per year by subscribing to all 20 consumer law treatises—by far your best value if you practice in multiple areas of consumer law.

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Automobile Fraud

Punitive damages, rescission, treble damages, $3000 statutory damages, and attorney fees for failure to disclose a vehicle’s wreck, flood, or salvage history, true odometer reading, prior use, lemon law buyback history, or repaired damage to new cars. Other covered frauds involve vehicle titles and “yo-yo” sales.

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Consumer Warranty Law

The leading treatise on all aspects of consumer warranty law—the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the UCC, state lemon laws, auto repair statutes, state manufactured home warranty laws and more, with practical litigation advice not found anywhere else.

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Federal Deception Law

The leading discussion of TCPA private remedies for robocalls, the FTC Holder Rule, and debt relief scams. Detailed analysis of CFPB UDAAP rulemaking, federal and state RICO, the federal False Claims Act, the FTC Telemarketing Rule, other FTC Rules.

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Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices

For over 30 years, the definitive treatise for use in all 50 states on state unfair and deceptive acts and practices (UDAP) statutes, providing flexible and evolving standards, broad coverage, attorney fees, and enhanced damages for a wide array of deceptive or abusive practices.

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