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Highlight Updates TILA Legislative Materials and History Available Online

The appendices to this treatise include the text of the statute and its regulations and related explanatory and historical material. The online version of this treatise contains extensive legislative history of the Truth in Lending Act. Appendix A begins with section A.1, which contains cross references between TILA section numbers and TILA-related sections of Title 15 of the United States Code. Section A.2 provides a section-by-section resource with legislative history citations. Section A.3 provides information on the TILA requirement that any adjustable rate mortgage loan originated by a creditor must include a limitation on the maximum interest rate that can be charged.

In the online companion materials to this treatise a range of legislative history is available and can be found under the heading “Primary Sources.” Dating back to TILA’s enactment, the online materials include an index of all amendments to the Act with dates and citations to the United States Code Congressional and Administrative News (U.S.C.C.A.N.), materials from the pre-enactment hearings, and comprehensive materials from the enactment process including bills, reports, hearing materials, Congressional debate, and the final public law. This section also contains all TILA Amendments from 1970 to the present including underlying bills that passed and related congressional reports. Separately, it also contains earlier versions of the statute including the text prior to the 2008 and 2010 amendments.