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1.5.1 Introduction

One of the complications of handling Truth in Lending issues is the number of sources of law. These include TILA itself, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Regulation Z, which implements the Act, the Official Interpretations of Regulation Z, and case law,177 which must be divided into post-Simplification cases and pre-Simplification cases. Finally, there are treatises and law review articles. The usefulness and authority of these various sources of law are discussed in the following subsections. Retroactivity of amendments to the Act, Regulation Z, and the official interpretations is discussed at § 12.5.6, infra.


  • 177 {172} See Madel v. GMAC Mortgage Corp., 2004 WL 4055247 (Bankr. E.D. Wis. Nov. 8, 2004) (reciting all of these as sources of law for a TILA case).