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1.3.2 Statutory Language Concerning Title XIV Effective Dates

There is only one mention of an effective date for the TILA provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act’s title XIV. If that effective date does not apply to a title XIV provision, then the default effective date of July 22, 2010 would apply. This one mention of an effective date for title XIV provisions is found at Dodd-Frank § 1400(c):

(c) Regulations; Effective Date-

  • (1) REGULATIONS—The regulations required to be prescribed under this title or the amendments made by this title shall—
    • (A) be prescribed in final form before the end of the 18-month period beginning on the designated transfer date; and
      (B) take effect not later than 12 months after the date of issuance of the regulations in final form.
  • (2) EFFECTIVE DATE ESTABLISHED BY RULE—Except as provided in paragraph (3), a section, or provision thereof, of this title shall take effect on the date on which the final regulations implementing such section, or provision, take effect.
  • (3) EFFECTIVE DATE—A section of this title for which regulations have not been issued on the date that is 18 months after the designated transfer date shall take effect on such date.