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More Help with Federal Student Loan Problems

Free information to help you with all types of student loan problems is available at NCLC’s website, NCLC’s Student Loan Law (5th ed. 2015), updated online at, has even more detailed information. The best Department of Education website to use for general information is and for information about your loans or how to manage your loans, you can use Also helpful is Useful publications to download from these websites, available in English and Spanish, include Do You Need Money for College?, The Guide to Federal Student Aid, and Federal Student Loans: Basics for Students.

Borrowers can submit problems online at to the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Ombudsman or by calling toll-free 877-557-2575. Many guaranty agencies and private lenders also have ombudsman or customer advocate units. Another source to receive complaints is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at You can also contact your state or local consumer protection agency to make a complaint or seek assistance.