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1.1.6 Unreported Decisions and Clearinghouse Citations

This treatise cites unreported decisions and other materials which are available at All such decisions and materials are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format in alphabetical order. Readers are encouraged to submit similar materials to NCLC at for consideration for inclusion on that website.

Some of the older cases and other materials in this book are cited with Clearinghouse numbers. These were submitted to and stored by the National Clearinghouse for Legal Services, now the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law (, and are not stored at NCLC. We would appreciate your forwarding copies to us of any of these cases if you obtain them from the Shriver Center (many of them are no longer available there) or if you obtain them from a court or from another source. We will post them on our website and provide access to the general public. Please mail such cases to: National Consumer Law Center, Repossessions Editor, 7 Winthrop Square, 4th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02110; or send them by email to, putting Attention: Repossessions Editor in the subject line.