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Current print edition is 2017 Ninth Edition, ISBN 978-1-60248-168-8

Digital access provides ongoing updates since the print edition.

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The Number-One Resource on Consumer Repossessions

Covering every aspect of motor vehicle, manufactured home, and household goods repossessions and deficiency claims:

  • Invalid security interests and restrictions on default
  • Illegal self-help repossessions
  • Notice of sale and proper disposition of the collateral
  • Calculating and limiting deficiencies

The Only Treatise to Go Well Beyond UCC Article 9
UCC treatises miss the critical protections found in federal law and special statutes in all 50 states:

  • Rights to cure and default limits
  • Bars on deficiencies
  • Service members Civil Relief Act
  • Federal Rebate Statute
  • FTC rules on household goods collateral
  • Federal manufactured home regulations and more.

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"I use the NCLC books in my bankruptcy practice and to expand my practice in other areas. In bankruptcy, I was faced with a repo deficiency claim. I was able to use the Repossessions book to get the legal basis I needed to object to the claim...” — Patrick Kavanagh, Law Offices of Patrick Kavanagh, Bakersfield, CA

"The National Consumer Law Center has compiled a standard reference set that should make consumer law accessible and profitable for private lawyers. Written by the leading national experts in the field, it is a helpful balance of scholarly analysis and practice pointers." — Maryland Bar Journal