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Essential Private Remedies for Marketplace Deception

Today’s Hottest Consumer Litigation Area and Perhaps the Most Important Consumer Protection Rule

  • The most detailed and up to date analysis of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA—today's hottest consumer litigation area (including Supreme Court decisions) providing individual and class statutory damages for unwanted robocalls and texts
  • The FTC Holder Rule: an essential avenue for effective and practical consumer relief, by making creditors affirmatively liable for the seller's misconduct—perhaps the most important tool in a consumer attorney’s arsenal

RICO, False Claims Acts, Telemarketing Rules, and Much More

  • The surprising reach of the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule (not just to telemarketing), with equally surprising tough requirements on a broad array of businesses
  • Seven other important FTC Rules establishing standards for UDAP private remedies--everything from credit to cars to Internet and door-to-door sales
  • The implications for private remedies of the CFPB’s new “abusive” and other UDAAP standards, guidance and rulemaking
  • Federal RICO treble damages against deep pockets for a broad array of abusive practices
  • Underutilized, but perhaps even more effective litigation under state RICO and civil theft statutes
  • Federal and state standards assisting challenges to debt settlement, debt elimination, and debt management, and other debt relief scams
  • Large private recoveries and widespread relief under the federal and state false claims acts, often avoiding arbitration requirements
  • Consumer rights concerning plain English and non-English disclosures
  • The federal Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act (ROSCA).

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"The manuals combine first-rate scholarship with numerous useful practice tips and aids."
— Richard Gross, former Chairman, Consumer Protection Committee, National Assn. of Attorneys General