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The Practice of Consumer Law

2006 2nd Ed. 978-1-93169-786-6

Practice insights and pointers from scores of consumer litigators around the country gets you started and helps you develop your consumer law practice to a higher level:

  • Opening and expanding a consumer law practice, choosing a specialty, sample fee and co-counseling agreements, networking, and marketing yourself
  • Making even small claims cost-effective
  • Survey of troublesome businesses and successful legal approaches, including Car Cases 101
  • Sample complaints, discovery, other practice aids, ready to paste into a wordprocessor from the book’s CD-Rom
  • Discovery tips, client intake forms, sample protective orders, and tips on using expert witnesses
  • A lively roadmap to consumer protection legislation
  • Overcoming common defense tactics and how to explain technical consumer statutes
  • 50 ways to lose a winning case
  • Settlement tactics; preparing clients with reasonable settlement goals
  • How to try a case and what you need to know about consumer remedies, attorney fees, and class actions
  • Understanding your litigation’s tax consequences for clients
  • Preparing for your first appellate argument, and much more.

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