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Odometer Tampering, Lemon Laundering, and Concealment of Salvage or Other Adverse History

Millions of consumers are defrauded each year by dealers not disclosing a vehicle’s wreck or salvage history, true odometer reading, prior use, lemon-law buyback history, or repaired damage to brand new cars. Other frauds involve vehicle titles and “yo-yo” sales.

How to obtain punitive damages, rescission, treble damages, or $10,000 statutory damages, and attorney fees::

  • Federal and state requirements for titles, odometer readings, and “yo-yo” or spot delivery sales
  • How to detect and remedy salvage or prior wreck fraud
  • Lemon laundering (resale of a buyback vehicle)
  • 50-state analysis of automobile fraud laws
  • Supreme Court punitive damage rulings.

Winning Investigation and Litigation Techniques

Follow the title: How to obtain and utilize a vehicle’s title history

Follow the metal: How to inspect the vehicle

Follow the money: Finding hidden dealer assets, liability of floor planners, and more.

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"The National Consumer Law Center has compiled a standard reference set that should make consumer law accessible and profitable for private lawyers. Written by the leading national experts in the field, it is a helpful balance of scholarly analysis and practice pointers." — Maryland Bar Journal

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