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1.1.1 All Subscribers Have Access to the Online Version

Access to Utility Service is available as both a print and an online version. Even those subscribing to the print edition have access to the online version at For log-in questions, contact or 617-542-9595.

Print revisions are released every few years. The online version is updated more frequently, as developments require, with all changes integrated into the text. The online version also contains additional pleadings and primary source material, described at § 1.1.4, infra.

Clicking on “Highlight Updates” in the online version at the top of a page highlights additions to that page since release of the print book. This option also shows, in curly brackets at the beginning of each online footnote, the corresponding footnote number in the print book. Very recent updates and important law changes can be pinpointed rapidly by clicking, respectively, the blue and red flags in the online table of contents.

The online version allows several options for searching the content of the chapters, appendices, sample pleadings in MS Word format, and/or supplemental primary sources. The online version also provides easy navigation between subsections and contains active links to external websites and other sections in the book and other NCLC treatises. Material in the online version can be copied and pasted, downloaded, printed, or emailed.

Individual users, for their own use, can create annotations to the online text or highlighting of selected online passages. Select the desired text, click on the annotation icon that appears, and then type and save an annotation or save without typing to simply highlight the text passage. Rapidly return to annotated or highlighted text by clicking on “My Annotations/Highlighting” in the left pane of the relevant treatise. Users can also edit their existing annotations.

Subscription options are available as either online-only or both print and online. Print and online subscriptions include, as part of the subscription price and at no additional charge, any revised print edition that is released during the subscription period. For more information, go to

Additional user names can be purchased for a minimal cost, allowing those additional users to receive their own emails about important new developments; create their own annotations, highlighting, and bookmarks; and personalize their online experience, allowing for rapid return to recently viewed pages.