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NCLC’s Fair Debt Collection (9th ed. March 2018) (1774 pp. in two vol.), the first revised edition in four years, is now available in both print and digital formats. This is the definitive resource on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other debt collection law. Current print + digital subscribers will receive copies of the revised treatise in late March or early April. For immediate access, others can order a digital subscription or a print + digital subscription at

The new edition contains thousands of new decisions, including three important new Supreme Court cases and over a hundred new circuit court rulings, plus key new interpretations from the CFPB. Fair Debt Collection since 1982 has been not only the definitive FDCPA treatise, but also the essential resource for other areas of relevant debt collection law, including an overview of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) claims, state debt collection law, and tort claims. The new edition also includes extensive analysis of FDCPA and other federal cases ruling on Spokeo motions concerning standing.

The FDCPA Case Connector Changes the FDCPA Practice of Law

The digital edition of Fair Debt Collection includes the FDCPA Case Connector, an innovative practice tool and relational database allowing incredibly flexible search options to select from over 14,000 FDCPA case holdings. Unveiled at NCLC’s March Fair Debt Collection Practices Conference in Chicago, the Case Connector received rave reviews.

Search and/or filter by one or more of the following to select exactly the FDCPA decision summaries you need from over 14,000 available holdings:

  • •Court, selected courts, or state
    •Year or year range
    •Keyword search
    •Whether decision is reported or not
    •Plaintiff or defendant name or
    •Case citation

Search results (ordered by level of court and year) display the full text of each summary and link to additional information. Extend your research by clicking on live links to other cases’ citations and summary holdings on the same topic, summaries of other holdings for the same decision, or other decisions in the same litigation.

For example, search for all Seventh Circuit and Illinois FDCPA cases since 2016, and instantly you see summaries of all such decisions, with circuit court decisions first and then district court decisions by most recent year, and then any state court decisions. Or search for all Ninth Circuit decisions where the summary mentions "attorney fees. " The options are almost endless.

Summary holdings for new FDCPA decisions will continue to be added to the Case Connector.

Other FDCPA Practice Tools

NCLC works hard to make Fair Debt Collection not only the definitive treatise on the subject, but also a highly practical resource for those handling FDCPA cases. Other practice tools included with a subscription to Fair Debt Collection include:

  • •Text and legislative history of the FDCPA
    •CFPB interpretations of the FDCPA
    •FTC interpretations of the FDCPA
    •State-by-state summaries of state debt collection statutes
    •Hundreds of sample pleadings in Word format: complaints, discovery, briefs, voir dire, jury instructions, motions in limine, trial transcripts, sample motions for attorney fees, and more
    •Interview forms and a telephone log form

Subscribe to Fair Debt Collection for immediate and unlimited access to the most widely respected tools in the field.

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Monday, March 26, 2018