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NCLC released online and in print on May 3 the Eleventh Edition of Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice (2 volumes) (1568 pages), replacing the 2012 Tenth Edition. Written by Henry Sommer, the nation’s leading consumer bankruptcy author, and edited by John Rao, a former member of the federal Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules, this edition is the definitive resource on all the new changes to the bankruptcy forms, rules, and case law.

Highlights include:

  • The full text (chapters and appendices and additional materials) is available online and fully searchable and specially formatted for tablets and smartphones.
  • Everything you need to know about the all-new official forms effective December 2015—the forms filled in for sample chapter 7 and 13 cases, with extensive annotations and instructions.
  • New pleadings added to the existing set of over 170 pleadings covering every aspect of a consumer bankruptcy case—all available online in Word format.
  • The new April 1, 2016 dollar amounts updated in the chapters and the Code.
  • Analysis and pleadings concerning the new requirements for mortgage servicers submitting proof of claims.
  • Reprints in print and online of the Bankruptcy Code, additional bankruptcy statutes, the bankruptcy rules, fee schedules, bankruptcy regulations, director’s forms, and more.
  • All the tools you need, including a detailed bankruptcy questionnaire (in English and Spanish), client handouts, tax forms, web links, pleadings, and a date calculator.
    Only $130 for the 2-volume print treatise and one year of online access. Or opt for online only.

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