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The United States Department of Agriculture, through its Rural Housing Service, operates a guaranteed and a direct loan program. These programs are detailed both in this treatise and in NCLC’s Home Foreclosures.414

Through its public announcements and the interagency guidance discussed above, the USDA has provided relief for USDA-homeowners facing COVID-19 hardship, described below.415

It is easy to determine whether a loan is a direct USDA loan. These mortgage contracts are between the United States and the borrower, with the loan payable to the government. On the other hand, it is more challenging to determine if the borrower has a USDA guaranteed loan. The guaranteed loans are owned by private financial institutions and are serviced by private companies. There is not an easy means to identify the guaranteed loan’s status. Advocates should directly ask servicers if they believe loans have USDA status. An RFI can be helpful for this purpose.