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For its Direct Loan program,228 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website has a page entitled Rural Development Disaster Assistance.229 This page lists the various types of assistance available for loan borrowers who are impacted by a disaster and have a Rural Development (RD) Single Family Housing Direct loan (also called a Section 502 loan). This page advises guaranteed loan borrowers in Rural Development areas to contact their lenders immediately (“Your lender will work closely with you on alleviating all matters regarding your situation.”), file an insurance claim, and apply for disaster assistance available through FEMA, or state or local government.230

Another important source of information about these loans and disaster assistance is Appendix 10 of the HB-1-3550 Direct Single Family Housing Loans and Grants Field Office Handbook (HB-1-3550 Handbook Appendix 10), which is entitled “Single Family Housing Field Guidance on Disaster Declarations.”231