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1.1.3 The Appendices

This treatise includes a number of appendices covering state foreclosure laws, certain federal statutes, and regulations. Appendix A, infra, contains selected provisions of the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Appendix B, infra, provides selected statues and regulations pertaining to the government-insured loan programs (HUD, VA, and RHS). Appendix C, infra, contains federal statutes and regulations relating to reverse mortgages.

The following appendices offer extensive summaries of state foreclosure laws: Appendix D, infra, summarizes state reverse mortgage laws, Appendix E, infra, contains the summary of all states and the District of Columbia’s foreclosure laws, Appendix F, infra, addresses state real estate tax abatement laws, Appendix G, infra, summarizes state tax lien foreclosure laws, and Appendix H, infra, covers state condominium laws.

Finally, in Appendix I, infra, this manual offers several practice aids, including sample mortgage documents, letters to obtain information, and notices. Useful web links can be found in Appendix J, infra. Appendix K, infra, contains a glossary of mortgage and foreclosure-related terms.

We also provide sample affirmative defenses to foreclosure, a motion challenging standing to pursue foreclosure, a sample complaint for wrongful foreclosure, a sample action to enjoin a foreclosure, and sample complaints against home improvement contractors, mortgage servicers, and participants in a foreclosure rescue scam. These pleadings are also available as part of the digital version of this treatise available at Discovery, memoranda, motions, and trial documents are also included.