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The National Housing Law Project (NHLP) is pleased to publish this 5th edition of HUD Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights. The manual includes cases, statutes, regulations and other agency guidance published through December of 2017, with a few exceptions made for more recent significant developments.

Bridgett Simmons, NHLP’s David B. Bryson Fellow, was the Managing Editor of the project. We are grateful for Bridgett’s leadership and organizational skills, creativity, and patience, which is reflected by the excellent quality of the book. Supervising Attorney Deborah Thrope and Senior Attorney Jim Grow acted as advisors in the process. Primary authors of the manual include NHLP attorneys Karlo Ng, Renee Williams, Lisa Sitkin, Eric Dunn, and former NHLP staff attorney Jessie Cassella. Additionally, Martha Bridegam made valuable contributions as a temporary staff attorney while we were drafting the manual, and NHLP Senior Attorney Gideon Anders helped meticulously edit our work.

Our stellar administrative staff, Wendy Mahoney, Allan Manzanares, and Susan Stern, was instrumental in the marketing campaign, creating new management processes, and providing support to those who use the manual. Francis Antonio provided pivotal guidance and assistance in the development of the new digital platform.

Our small staff could not have completed the 5th edition of the manual without additional assistance. We offer our sincere thanks to Mac McCreight of Greater Boston Legal Services and Jeffrey Hearne of Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. for their valuable contributions to the manual. Many thanks to our interns and volunteers who helped along the way including Brielle Mansell, Henry Trinh, Eunice Kim, Arianna Cook-Thajudeen, Norah Cunningham, Kevin Dong, Kelly Frost, and Bailey Strelow. Thank you to all who submitted designs to our Green Book Cover Design contest, and to our winner Katie Stanley of Fair Housing Center of Eastern Michigan.

For the first time, the manual is now available online. The manual will be hosted on National Consumer Law Center’s (NCLC) digital library. NHLP is particularly grateful to Jon Sheldon and Katie Eelman of NCLC, for guiding us through the process of offering a digital subscription to our readers. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law for providing access to the ClearingHouse materials cited in the Green Book.

Support for writing and publishing the 5th edition manual has been provided by our invaluable individual private donors as well as the generous foundation funders who support NHLP in the program areas covered in our book. We particularly want to thank all of the donors to the David B. Bryson and Sylvia M. Brennan Memorial Fund. That fund supported our Managing Editor Bridgett Simmons during the production of the Green Book. Please note that the opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and NHLP and should not be construed as representing the opinions or policy of any of our funders.

We hope the 5th edition of HUD Housing Program: Tenants’ Rights serves as a useful tool and we welcome your feedback. Suggestions and corrections can be sent to or feel free to contact anyone in our office.