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1.1.3 Additional Pleadings, Practice Tools, and Primary Source Materials Found Online

As part of the online version of this treatise, available at, NCLC has included over 350 legal pleadings, practice tools, and primary source materials relevant to mortgage lending. The website contains sample mortgage foreclosure counseling forms and sample qualified written requests, extensive primary source materials concerning HUD, VA, and Rural Housing Service, and reverse mortgages—federal statutes, regulations, handbooks, loss mitigation guidelines, and key agency letters. The website also includes extensive materials concerning HAMP loan modifications, selected RESPA statutory and regulatory provisions, and other key documents concerning mortgage servicing.

Of special note are over 150 sample mortgage foreclosure pleadings, including all pleadings found in this treatise and many additional pleadings relating to injunction against sale, federally financed housing, RESPA, HOEPA, HAMP loan modifications, fraud and UDAP claims, land installment sales contracts, TILA rescission, and bankruptcy. The website also includes a number of pleadings relating to foreclosure rescue scams and debt collection litigation. Under Practice Tools there are two different Windows-based credit math programs that compute APRs, generate amortization tables, and calculate Rule of 78 rebates.

The website provides many different search aids, allowing users to pinpoint documents in seconds. All documents can be saved, printed, or copied and pasted into your own documents. Information on registration and use of the online version is found at page ix, supra.