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1.4.2 The Appendices

The appendices are generally organized in the same order as the chapters to which they relate. FTC rulemaking legislation and nine FTC trade regulation rules (organized by their Code of Federal Regulations number) are found in Appendix A, infra. CFPB rulemaking authority and remedies are found in Appendix B, infra, and relevant CFPB rules will also be included in this appendix when enacted.

Appendix C, infra, contains federal statutes and rules relating to telemarketing fraud, inconvenient calls, junk faxes, and spam. This includes the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act and, enacted pursuant to that Act’s authority, the FTC Telemarketing Sales Act. Also included are the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Federal Communications Commission rules under that Act, as well as the federal CAN-SPAM Act and FTC rules under that Act. Appendix D, infra, summarizes state telemarketing fraud statutes.

Appendix E, infra, reprints the federal RICO statute; Appendix F summarizes state RICO statutes; Appendix G reprints the federal False Claims Act; Appendix H summarizes state false claims acts; and Appendix I summarizes state statutes relating to debt relief and credit counseling. Appendix J, infra, reprints a federal statute concerning delivery of unordered merchandise. Appendix K, infra, contains the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act, and Appendix L, infra, reprints the Federal Computer Fraud Abuse Act.